Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer (Associate Engineer) At NoPo Nanotechnologies In Bengaluru

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: NoPo Nanotechnologies

Job Description

  • Design and develop a fail-safe control system for the HiPCO reactor, including temperature and pressure monitoring, sensor integration, and heater control. 
  • Program or guide the team in programming using Python for control system implementation and automation. 
  • Utilize and program PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) for efficient control system operation and integration. 
  • ​Apply strong circuit design knowledge and understanding of electrical and electronics engineering principles to develop robust control system architectures. 
  • Test control systems thoroughly to ensure safe and reliable operation, considering life-critical applications. 
  • Continuously update and improve control systems based on performance feedback and technological advancements. 
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including process engineers and technicians, to ensure seamless integration of control systems. 
  • Document control system designs, specifications, test procedures, and maintenance guidelines.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering or a related field. Master’s degree is preferred. 
  • Proven practical experience (4-5 years) in designing and implementing control systems for complex industrial processes. 
  • Proficiency in Python programming for control system implementation and automation. 
  • Experience with PLCs and their programming, with the ability to integrate them into control systems effectively. 
  • Strong understanding of circuit design principles and electrical engineering fundamentals. 
  • Practical experience in the application of electrical and electronics engineering principles to real-world systems. 
  • Familiarity with popular controllers and PLCs is a bonus. 
  • Knowledge of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for system architecture is a bonus. 
  • Proven ability to test and validate control systems and troubleshoot issues effectively. 
  • Excellent documentation skills and attention to detail. 
  • Enthusiasm to work in a startup environment, with a self-starter attitude.


Why you should consider NoPo:  

  • Opportunity to drive the fast-paced growth in a path breaking industry  
  • Our customers include best-in-class companies working on the most advanced technologies using our product. These technologies range from silicon anodes, flexible electronics, improved water purification  
  • You will be a part of the solution to save the environment  
  • ​You will be given a competitive compensation package  


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