Monday, May 20, 2024

Hardware Engineer At Durbin Technologies

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Location: Kolkata

Company: Durbin Technologies

About the job:

At Durbin, we are simplifying data science for businesses, we call it Durbin Autonomy. With Autonomy, users can generate automated AI insights by interfacing with our Deep Learning enabled enterprise search engine called Deep Search.

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We are a team of engineers, mavericks and innovators with 25+ years of combined experience in building data-driven product platforms and solutions. We love taking on challenges and solving new problems, this drives our passion to build holistic solutions for scalable edge-to-cloud and cloud-based technologies to help enterprises make sense of their data.

With focus in Internet of Things and AI at edge for Industrial Applications we are actively recruiting new team members to join our team.

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Generous vacation policies, uncertain no of recharge days per month
  • A platform to enhance your current skillset or a chance to pursue your dream skillset
  • Flexible working hours

Responsibilities may include:

  1. Developing data infrastructure that ingests and transforms data from different sources and customers at scale.
  2. Weighing different architectural considerations that balance application developer flexibility with time to market, security, cost, and scalability constraints.
  3. Brainstorming product ideas with product managers and our research team to build products that are insightful, delightful, and showcase the power of the platform.
  4. Collaborate with product, design, data science, and our scientific teams to build cutting-edge experiences and services
  5. Improve the quality, reliability, and speed of our core products and services
  6. Propose and implement changes to our existing stack
  7. Develop all levels of the technical stack understanding even if you’re more experienced in some layers more than others

Skills that you should be confident about while applying:

  • Strong understanding of Microcontrollers, design, implementation and applications
  • Proficiency in C/C++ for Embedded applications
  • Understanding of Python/Micropython is a plus
  • High Proficiency in Arduino, AVR, PIC, ESP8266, ESP32, Nuvotron microcontrollers is a must (atleast 3 of the same)
  • Understanding of PlatformIO or similar Hardware Development IDE
  • Knowledge of PCB, CAD design would be highly appreciated
  • Understanding of AWS/Azure cloud platforms
  • Git is must
  • Experience in building data-driven applications will be hugely appreciated but not necesary
  • Interest in the domain of IoT & AI or knowledge to some extent will help you vibe with our team

Here’s how you would know whether you are a catch for us or not:

  • You’re passionate about building innovative platforms and products
  • You’ve built and launched numerous projects or systems successfully into the wild and iterated to incorporate user feedback.
  • You maintain a high bar for the quality of work and strive to eliminate unnecessary duplication and awkward workarounds. You’re passionate about rigorous engineering practices and discipline: code reviews, automated testing, logging, monitoring, alerting, etc, etc.
  • You effectively communicate technical information to both technical and non-technical collaborators: you identify core challenges in complex situations, explain trade-offs, and incorporate feedback to make decisions using code reviews, docs, wikis, meetings, and other channels as needed.
  • You have defined product roadmaps in close collaboration with Product Managers, Designers, Researchers, and other stakeholders.
  • You have experience with modern hardware technology platforms

What we care about:

  1. You are an owner. At Durbin, we place a premium on individual responsibility and ownership. This means, for instance, that you pick up the trash when you see it. In turn, we trust you to prioritize your time to have the most impact and provide you with maximal information to be able to decide on your priorities intelligently.
  2. You value being part of a team. At Durbin, we believe in winning as a team. Our guiding principle is to act in the best interests of the team, with the belief that all else will follow.
  3. You’re always learning. Software engineering is a rapidly evolving field. Start-ups are rapidly evolving businesses. There will constantly be new scenarios and technical challenges coming your way, and you have to thrive in all the new learnings.


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