Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hardware Engineer – Power Electronics At Cell Propulsion

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Job Description

  • Design hardware for power and digital systems
  • Simulate circuits using CAE tools to estimate circuit performance
  • Generate high performance PCB designs
  • Create test bench with EMS vendor for ICT testing of Hardware
  • Manage and qualify vendors for hardware development


The Job Profile Calls For The Following Skill Set:

  • Fundamental understanding of Digital, Embedded and Power systems systems
  • Well versed with Datasheet study and analysis of components Well versed with Circuit simulation methods
  • Have hands on experience with building out Zero PCBs for prototype
  • Have hands on experience with PCB design softwares for multilayer PCB designs like Eagle, Proteas, Kicad etc.
  • Have hands on experience in working with testing equipment viz. Oscilloscope, digitalanalyzers, LCR meters etc
  • Good understanding of working of power converter circuits of different topologies
  • Have experience with real time debugging and optimization of circuits
  • Can manage and qualify vendors for a particular product Have experience in designing circuit level magnetics components viz. inductors, isolation transformers, flyback transformers etc

Minimum Educational Requirements

B.Tech in Electronics and Electrical Engineering or other engineering field with relevant project work to showcase knowledge in electronics hardware design

Location: Bengaluru

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Company: Cell Propulsion

The Job is closed. Check the latest active jobs here.



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