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Testing and Validation Engineer At Gegadyne Energy

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Gegadyne Energy is looking for a skilled evaluation engineer who is willing to dedicate himself/herself in developing the next generation of batteries. Duties will include conducting literature review to understand the requirement of the team and project and then conducting different testing techniques for the battery. You will be responsible for executing end to end performance tests, parsing of raw test data, identifying bottlenecks. Good communication skills are a must as you will be working very closely with multiple teams to help them test their research outcomes. You will also work closely with the designing team to understand their requirements.

Job Responsibility

The engineer will provide hands on support on testing of Gegadyne Energy batteries. The candidate will be responsible to communicate with other teams to resolve issues.

Specific responsibilities include

  • Following written or verbal instruction for the testing of the batteries as per the team’s requirements.
  • Should be aware of different testing techniques and parameters.
  • Keeping yourself updated with new and forthcoming testing techniques that could grant us even deeper insight.
  • Coming up new testing routines and digital twins to simulate real life loads on the batteries.
  • The candidate will be responsible for maintaining the data of the project being handled. Maintaining, bifurcating and cataloguing large amounts of data as well as safe-keeping of the same.
  • Maintain basic laboratory organization and cleanliness.


Experience: 1-2 years research experience

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  • B.Tech (in Electrical/Electronics, other departments may also apply)
  • Knowledge about different testing techniques is essential.


  • Experience with battery R&D and pilot plant scale-up is desirable.
  • Knowledge about cell fabrication would be preferred.

Location: Mumbai

Company: Gegadyne Energy

Job Closed. Check the latest jobs here.


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