Thursday, July 18, 2024

JOB: Robotics Engineering Intern At WCB Robotics Inc In Hyderabad

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Location: Hyderabad

Company: WCB Robotics

Company Description

WCB Robotics is a company specializing in robotics, with a primary goal of offering innovative solutions to replace some of the most hazardous jobs. WCB Robotics is the only company globally to develop a rope-less façade cleaning robot specifically designed for exterior facades. ELMO adheres to and ascends glass facades, effectively cleaning them. Our flagship product, ELMO, boasts several patent-pending technologies, with one patent already granted by the USPTO for our suction technology.

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The unique suction technology ensures high reliability through contactless suction with the surface. This proprietary suction system operates on minimal electricity, facilitating battery-operated functionality.


  • Should be pursuing B. Tech from a prestigious institute (IIT, NIT, BITS)
  • A sound understanding of robotic control algorithms for autonomous navigation, 4-wheel drive systems, path planning, Inverse kinematics, sensor fusion, Control Systems, and analysis would be given very high priority.
  • Experience in ROS, CoppeliaSim, or any other Robotics APIs or Simulations is expected.
  • We expect the engineers to have good visualization and problem-solving ability.
  • Knowledge of one or more high-level programming languages such as C, C++, Python, etc. is expected. Familiarity with Arduino programming, SBCs like Raspberry Pi, and software like MATLAB is useful too.
  • Also, since we are inherently a robotics company, an understanding of basic electronics, physics, maths, and mechanics is necessary.


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