Sunday, June 23, 2024

JOB: System Integrator – Electronics And Electrical At IdeaForge In Mumbai

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Location: Mumbai

Company: IdeaForge

Job Description

  • Should be sound with basics, fundamentals and essentials of Electronics and Power Electronics
  • Should be good at designing basic Electronic circuits
  • Should be experienced at designing and hands-on development of Embedded System circuits and firmware using Microcontrollers eg. STM32
  • Should have a hands on with GPIO programming, ADCs, Timers, Counters, UART, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, USB, etc.
  • Should be experienced with various communication protocols such as UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, USB, Ethernet, etc.
  • Should have an experience with firmware for CAN protocol
  • Should preferably have development experience with RF Transceivers, Bluetooth, LoRa, GSM, etc.
  • Should have an experience designing Buck / Boost Regulator based DC-DC power supplies
  • Should have adequate experience at reading and utilizing datasheets for the selection of components as per the functional, electrical and environmental requirements
  • Should be able to read, interpret, review and modify wiring diagrams, circuit diagrams, schematic diagrams and PCB layouts
  • Should be able to conduct fault findings on various kinds of digital and analog circuits
  • Should be good at documentation relating to circuit designs and calculations as well as test and validation procedures and results
  • Should have a clear understanding of layout design practices in terms of EMI/EMC compliance
  • Should have an hands-on experience with at least one schematic design software eg. Altium
  • Should have an hands-on experience with at least one PCB design software eg. Altium, Allegro, Eagle, etc.
  • Should have an expertise in hand soldering of Through-Hole and Surface Mount Components ( SMDs )
  • Should be strong in C and Embedded C programming
  • Should have preferably worked on Linux or similar platform
  • Should be proficient at the testing and debugging of self-written as well as existing firmware codes
  • Should have strong documentation management and writing skills
  • Should be aware of the standard requirements of ISO, Aeronautical Standard, etc.


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