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JOB: Test Technician Intermediate At Qualcomm In Bengaluru

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Qualcomm

General Summary

Responsible for the execution of test methodologies for various technology, following and adapting established procedures, or helping to define procedures as needed. Debugs and troubleshoots issues or failures, reports results, and may recommend root causes and solutions. Performs set-up, maintenance, and/or repairs of specialized test equipment, and may provide input on equipment selection.

Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • 1+ year of testing, measurement, or related work experience.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Associate’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
  • 3+ years of semiconductor, RF testing, or related work experience.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Executes test plans and provides feedback to customer on outcomes or issues. Makes recommendations for modifications to plans.
  • Performs set-up of specialized test equipment, as well as loading and running programs or builds. Provides input on equipment selection.
  • Performs calibration, maintenance, and upgrades of test equipment and tools according to standards and procedures.
  • Identifies issues with test equipment and performs moderately complex repairs.
  • Executes test methodologies for various technology, following and adapting established procedures as needed, and documents results.
  • Debugs and troubleshoots moderately complex testing issues or failures and recommends root causes and solutions.
  • Conducts advanced analyses and gathers information to identify where an issue has occurred and makes recommendations for how to address the issue. 
  • Collaborates with individuals inside own team and with other teams to complete project work.
  • Communicates with team lead to provide status and information about impending obstacles and recommends solutions.
  • Manages individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables with guidance.
  • Adapts to significant changes and setbacks in order to manage pressure and meet deadlines.

Level of Responsibility

  • Works under close supervision.
  • Provides some supervision/guidance to other members; does not have direct reports.
  • Responsible for own work. Decision-making is limited. Impact of decisions is readily apparent. Errors made typically only impact timeline (i.e., require additional time to correct).
  • Requires verbal and written communication skills to convey basic, routine factual information about day-to-day activities to others who are fully knowledgeable in the subject area.
  • Most tasks require multiple steps which can be performed in various orders; some planning and prioritization must occur to complete the tasks effectively; mistakes may result in some rework.
  • Some creativity may be required to troubleshoot technical problems or deal with novel circumstances.
  • Deductive problem solving is required to solve moderately complex problems; most problems have defined processes of diagnosis/detection; some limited data analysis may be required.


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