Top 5 Mistakes In Your Resume That Can Snatch Away Your Engineering Job

Stereo typed internet copied resumes are very cliché and are a strict no-no today


You also have a digital footprint, find it now

“Networking sites like LinkedIn are considered digital resumes, most interviewers Google their prospects before meeting them, understanding them”, states Joseph.

Your digital work always adds value to your resume. In case you run a blog, do include links. Engineers have lot of their work as shareable materials online; therefore, showcasing these should do no harm. However, remember to list out the best ones among these. Advantage you gain here is that your interviewer is exposed to your industry knowledge, professional contacts which could potentially serve as assets to the company in case you crack the interview, and finally your practical expertise.

Finally, be yourself, don’t fudge

It is not difficult for seasoned recruiters to verify your resume details. “We carry out intensive background checks on every candidate, to detect fudging. Even career setbacks must be openly discussed while interviewing”, signs-off the TCS recruitment professional.

So does a perfect resume really exist?

Yes, and No. Experts in recruitment compare a full resume to a horse that is only taken near water. However, the horse should be self-motivated and thirsty to drink water; this refers to your skill-sets and the hunger you have for the job applied to. Showcase these to the recruiter, apply your skills in evaluation tests, and grab that dream engineering job that you have wanted with all your heart.

Experts consulted for the story:

  • Joseph Devasia – Managing Partner at Antal International’s Mumbai Office
  • Purnima Ganesh – Director of Programs at Banjara Academy, Bangalore
  • Priyaa Arya – Mentor and Counselor at Banjara Academy, Bangalore
  • A senior recruiter at TCS, Bangalore, who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity.

The article was updated on 6 April 2017 by by Rahul R, Senior Technical Journalist at EFY Group.


  1. I know most of the freshers make mistakes at start of their career but Some extent of mistakes are okay, but be careful about terrible blunders at the start of your career and you have provided us some wiser tips to avoid these mistakes, so thanks a lot for this wonderful article, going to save this for sure.


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