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Livewire: Wire Together, Make Your Circuit Live

A review on terms Livewire as “a sophisticated electronic circuit board design and simulation software.” Stephen Smith, a user from the UK says, “I am currently using Livewire during my...

SimulIDE For Simulating Electronic Circuits

Hobbies are fascinating stuff. Be it listening to music, reading novels or going to the gym, the pleasure they give is what makes these tick. But if it is too much...

PCB Artist, a Simple PCB Layout Tool for Beginners

Designing circuit boards and PCBs can be a tedious task for beginners. Here is an easy-to-use utility which requires no formal training or any prior hands-on experience with PCB layout tools. Pankaj...

eSim for Circuit Design, Simulation, Analysis and PCB Design

In this article we take a look at eSim, a powerful open source software for integrated electronic design applications including circuit design, simulation, analysis and PCB design. The software is built...

Electric: From Schematic To IC Layout

The moment you talk about electronic design automation tools, the mind jumps to the big three—Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor Graphics. While these perform your tasks more than perfectly, you need to...
Frizing PCB view

Fritzing: Design Your PCBs with Ease

Fritzing is a CAD software that lets users design as well as simulate. It helps users to build connections between the components and the PCB. This is the basic concept which...

Quite Universal Circuit Simulator: A Free Mixed Signal Electronic Circuit Simulator

Being a free electronic circuit simulator, this is an efficient tool for an electronics engineer to simulate analogue and digital systems as well as analyse their system behaviour. Jai Sachith Paul Circuit simulation...

Piklab: An IDE for PIC Microcontroller

Piklab is an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for applications devised on Microchip PIC and digital signal processor IC (dsPIC) microcontroller (MCU) that can be compiled only with Qt on...

Graphical Network Simulator that can Run on a Raspberry Pi

Here is a cool tool for learning and testing in a simulated environment. Use this open source and free tool to design and test your own network with various network hardware...

Create PCBs up to 16 Layers with KiCad

Operational on Apple OS X, Linux and Windows, KiCad is an electronic design automation software tool to design and generate professional schematics and printed circuit boards. A well-known software tool, KiCad...

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