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Software for Automotive and Telematic Operations

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This article includes an overview of various Telematic Operations and Automotive software. It explains software such as ALLDATAdiy.com, PCMScan, EOBD Facile and IBM Watson Automotive Voice assistant.


Visit: www.alldatadiy.com
Full Version: Paid

If you prefer fixing your car yourself, it is better to have a precise guide. ALLDATAdiy.com is an online subscription-based complete information platform that provides precise troubleshooting guides based on specific information related to your vehicle. During subscription, the system takes vehicle information like make, model, age, engine and so on. During repair, it provides clear instructions that need to be followed in the repair process. While the vast amount of information on troubleshooting may be a little heavy to process at start, going forward it will help you fix your car by yourself as far as possible and save a ton of money.

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Visit: www.palmerperformance.com
Full Version: Paid

PCMScan is a handy software for recording and analysing vehicle diagnostics based on OBD-II port readings. Diagnostics are displayed on the dashboard as charts, graphs or generic data logs. Additional parameters verified by the software include diagnostic trouble codes, freeze frame data and more. Drag Strip feature provides a countdown timer during vehicle launch and generates a time slip at the end of the run while measuring variables like reaction time, speed and so on. Dyno feature measures horsepower and torque, and verifies their impact on the vehicle. Usability is easy and interesting especially because of graphical data representations and an interactive user interface. The software provides many scopes for customisations.

PCMScan automotive software

EOBD Facile

Visit: www.boutiqueobdfacile.com
Full Version: Paid

EOBD Facile is another vehicle diagnostic software that provides real-time engine and gearbox health data. It is compatible with OBD-II ELM327 interface and runs on both Windows (Vista, 7, 8 and 10) and MacOS (OS X 10.8 and above). EOBD Facile provides a gamut of information like OBD-II fault codes, and engine sensor information like engine speed in rpm, coolant temperature, load value, vehicle speed, injection system status and so on. It also provides troubleshooting processes and diagnostic aids in events like internal engine control unit monitoring and recovery, vehicle data recovery, for CAN BUS analyser and so on. Various readings are represented in graphical forms including graphs and charts.


Visit: https://pelux.io
Full Version: Free and open source
(under GPLv3 licence)

PELUX 2.0 is a Linux-based automotive infotainment project development software, developed by Sweden-based organisation Luxoft. Based on Yocto Project, PELUX 2.0 supports a variety of features like a proper software and platform development kit (SDK and PDK), Qt automotive suite integration, DLT and BT, among others. It has support for devices like Raspberry Pi 3, Intel NUC and Automotive Reference Platform.

PELUX 2.0 automotive software UI

IBM Watson Automotive Voice assistant

Visit: www.ibm.com
Full Version: Paid

IBM Watson’s cloud-based automotive assistant can be a great driving companion, especially if you own multiple cars. It can be accessed manually or through voice commands, and further tasks can be accomplished through voice-based interaction with the system. The cognitive platform is capable of starting conversations for information on its own in appropriate situations, troubleshooting problems, logging real-time data like navigation, vehicle health and so on, and providing tips and suggestions in response. Based on historical data and usage patterns, Watson can generate recommendations and suggestions for upcoming events. In addition, it provides data analytics that can help in easier and better vehicle maintenance and cost optimisation strategies. Businesses can greatly benefit from IBM Watson’s package deal based on the number of vehicles (using Entity ID).

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