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Browse through our collection of top software engineering project ideas compiled for engineering students as well as electronics enthusiasts. What we have here is a compiled list of simple yet amazing innovative software project ideas that you can implement today! Browse through these new topics for software projects, to find the one that you can use.

Raspberry Pi Traffic Light

Raspberry Pi Traffic Light Using TensorFlow & Python

In metropolitan cities traffic jams are one of the major problems and for the common man and he who use to travel on their legs is one of the major problems....
Program Arduino using ArduinoDroid

Program Arduino With Your Android Device

As you may already know, using a USB OTG (on-the-go) adaptor, you can connect pen drives, game controllers, etc to your Android device. This adaptor can also be used to power...
Automatic Certificate Generation

Automatic Certificate Generation Using MATLAB

MATLAB is a versatile tool that can automate many tasks. Presented here is a MATLAB code to generate certificates for workshops, conferences, symposiums, etc. Conventionally, educational institutions and companies use specialised...
Python-Based Species Classification Wireless Camera For Forest Survey And Monitoring results

Python-Based Species Classification Wireless Camera For Forest Survey And Monitoring

Continuous hunting as driven a lot of animal species to extinction and the Government has brought about little change apart from introducing a few laws and conducting a few surveys. But...
monitor live temperature

Monitor Live Temperature Through IoT-Based System Using IBM Bluemix

The system presented here monitor live temperature through the Internet of Things (IoT)-based system using IBM Bluemix cloud platform and Mbed NXP LPC1768 development board. Developed by IBM, IBM Bluemix cloud platform...
Break Timer Software Program

Time For a Break

This is a computer based Break Timer program to remind you to take regular breaks while working on your desk for good health. Some of us spend at least sixty per...
Compression process in mobile using WhatsApp

Image Compression Using Discrete Cosine Transform Technique

Presented here is a MATLAB-based program for image compression using discrete cosine transform technique. It works for both coloured and grayscale images. Over the last few years, messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber...
nrush current analysis graph

Analysis of Transformer Inrush Current Using Java

Power transformers are essential part of a power system network. A transformer is used at the transmission side to step up the voltage level and at the distribution side to step...

Use MQTT Protocol In Smartphones And Raspberry Pi

The article demonstrates the use of Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol in smartphones and Raspberry Pi. MQTT, a machine-to-machine Internet of Things (IoT) protocol, is useful for connecting with a remote...

Simulate Smartphone Screen Lock/Unlock Application

An Android phone allows itself to be locked/unlocked using a password, pattern on a grid of nine dots, fingerprint or facial recognition. An Android phone using a password needs a sequence...

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