Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Customised Solution for Measurements: Building a Personal Multimeter (Part-1)

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In another method, an on-chip television interface adaptor (TIA) can be configured to take current as the input and give an output voltage proportional to the input current.  A delta-sigma ADC or SAR ADC can be used to measure the voltage. A simple implementation of current measurement using PSoC creator components is shown below.

Fig 5: Implementation of current meter using PSoC
Fig 5: Implementation of current meter using PSoC

However, for AC Current measurement a rectifier circuit is needed for AC-to-DC conversion and then fed it to PSoC for measurement of RMS value.

Continue making other meters using PSoC here.

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Shared by Ronak Desai and Arijit Karmakar, Cypress Semiconductor


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