Saturday, February 4, 2023

Customised Solution for Measurements: Building a Personal Multimeter (Part-2)

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Why go for PSoC?

PSoC supports CapSense technology, which replaces mechanical buttons with a CapSense based keypad. This reduces failure due to mechanical buttons and provides better product reliability. CapSense SmartSense component, auto-tunes the sensitivity of buttons and slide.

It can drive LED and LCD displays (Segment LCD, Graphic LCD and Character LCD displays) for displaying channel and volume information. With an operating range of 1.71V to 5.5V it can interface with external peripherals for other applications.

It has internal PGA, comparators and configurable delta-sigma ADC with 8 to 20-bit resolution with Sample rates up to 192 ksps. It is used to measure different Analog inputs and Battery inputs.

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An internal RTC component for real time measurement and hence does not require external clock/oscillator circuitry.

With support for USB 2.0 interface it allows the user to interface external memory (hard disk) through USB 2.0. It supports secure digital (SD) card interface. It has an internal 8-bit DAC, which can be used for controlling speaker volume and also performs mute function for the audio speaker.

PSoC is a combination of microcontroller and ASIC. PSoC provides an ease-of-use environment, Using PSoC in DMM applications helps to reduce the product cost (by reducing BOM cost) and project cost (with PSoC creator and PSoC designer implementation). So, begin making your own DMMs.

Shared by Ronak Desai and Arijit Karmakar, Cypress Semiconductor



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