Saturday, September 23, 2023

Importance Of Quality Engineering In Consumer Electronics

By Subhabrata Chatterjee

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Fig. 6: Dust and debris in memory ICs

Non-conformance management systems teams usually work on the following mindsets:
• To identify any deviations in processes
• To identify quality assurance test results on product, packaging and product body
• To initiate appropriate actions to overcome the above two points
• To initiate field call returns analysis and take appropriate actions depending on analysis reports

Cost due to non-conformance in raw materials. To make consumer electronics products, we need many raw materials in the form of electronic, electrical, mechanical and packaging materials. These call for the involvement of multiple vendors to supply those raw materials. Hence, manufacturers need to evaluate the caliber of new materials that various vendors are offering. Examples given below show the problems that may occur due to non-compliance of raw materials:
• Failure of electronic/electrical components
• Damage of products during transportation due to inferior packaging quality
• Burning out of product
• Product malfunction due to environmental temperatures and other reasons

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Hence, every industry should deliberate the following:
• Validate datasheet for raw materials that different vendors are offering; whether the datasheet meets product design principles
• Rate of failure of samples calculated per 100 samples
• Reliability of those samples
• Tolerance range
• Mechanical characteristics
• Packaging characteristics

Valuation of the above points may help decide which vendor to choose. It can also help boil down the field call return in the form of component damage, damage due to transportation, mechanical reliability and more. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to track and control, so that things are in place.

Fig. 7: Examples of component damages

The above-explained cost of non-quality increases customer complaints and more returns, hence, higher warranty cost. This leads to the company using earnings for maintenance and customer satisfaction. Sometimes, cost of non-quality is so high that it brings down profit margins substantially.

Cost due to lack of service. Like manufacturing, supply chain management, design and development, customer serviceability is also important. Outstanding customer serviceability makes consumers become brand focused, and it also helps with word-of-mouth marketing due to customer-oriented service.

Subhabrata Chatterjee is senior technical specialist at TP Vision India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru


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