How To Take Your IIoT Device From Prototype To Product


Quick time to market solutions

There are certain ways to reduce development time of a product. Sequencing of operations, which reduces development time, can be done in the following way.

In the design specification stage, planning of requirements and the test plan can be done simultaneously.

In the development stage, hardware design and software design can be done simultaneously. Testing and certification can also be done simultaneously.

Distributed product lines

For companies that are keen on designing their own products, the process is not too difficult. There are many vendors who will provide the necessary printed circuit boards, components and enclosure designs. Some vendors provide electronic manufacturing services, which include assembly of various components. This makes it a distributed product line.

Last, the product is subjected to end-of-line testing and quality checks to prevent defective products from being shipped. Then, products are packaged and are ready to enter the market.

Take one step at a time

The entire design process of a product may seem daunting at first, but with the right approach, the process becomes straightforward. Potential product designers are advised to take one step at a time to ensure the best results for their products in the long run.

Siddharth Unny is founder and director, TL Micro Automation. This article has been curated by Ahalya Mandana, who worked with EFY until recently


    • Dear Mike, this article was published on our website Electronics For You from April 2017 magazine. You can buy an eZine from Magzter and save it as a PDF.


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