Top 19 Arduino Projects To Build In Your Free Time


Arduino has been a revolution ever since it struck the market. Arduino or Genuino (as known in some places), has been a very lucrative option for students designing their first projects. This increase in interest is causing a lot of people to tinker with technology themselves. We compiled a list of 20 arduino projects that would be cool to design. If you have an Arduino lying around or are planning to buy one, these should defintely come in handy. All you need is an arduino board and some basic electronics supplies. However keep in mind, these are electronics item, so safety first.

1: Arduino Projects: Earthquake sensor

Arduino Based Projects: Earthquake sensorThis list of arduino projects starts off with an earthquake indicator. A highly-sensitive ADXL335 accelerometer is presented that can indicate vibrations. If motion is violent enough during an earthquake and crosses a certain threshold, a local alarm light (LED) glows, a buzzer sounds and a relay energises. With certain modifications, this can be turned into a knock-and-shake detector for ATMs, vehicles or door-break alarms as well.

2: Greenhouse

Arduino Projects: GreenhouseAnother idea would be to build a greenhouse for yourself. You can have your own kitchen garden build inside a wrapped enclosure. Mark Watney (Matt Damon in Martian) will definitely be proud. Let’s take a look at the project before your shuttle malfunctions. In this slideshow, the designer takes you through the entire details about building an arduino project. The project is easy to build and the software and hardware details are provided within the presentation. So go ahead with building a greenhouse for yourself.

3: Automated Plant Watering System

Once you are all set with your greenhouse, how does an alarm system for watering your plants sound? This next project could be an addition to your greenhouse as well. You can use both of these arduino projects together to have your own automated kitchen garden. This project is a simple and exciting plant watering system that you can build yourself in just a few hours. With efficient use of moisture sensor and downloadable component layout and source code, this could fit in perfectly for potted plants, be it on your terrace or the balcony or the front lawn. It works everywhere.

This video takes you through a very similar system that would be very helpful in understanding the project.

4: Walkie Talkie

Walkie talkies have always fascinated me. I use to wonder why didn’t they just use their phones. Turns out it makes much sense to use a walkie talkie for them. These are bi directional modules dedicated for conversation between just them. How about you make one for yourself? This next arduino project uses a bluetooth for communication. All you’ll need are basic electronics supplies and an arduino board. Hopefully if your frequency crosses over with mine, we might talk?

5: Inverter

How much does an inverter cost? A basic with a single battery costs about 20-25K. How about you just go about buying the battery and use this next arduino project for your inverter. Money aside, you get to have fun while building it. Who knows, this very practical solution could generate interest in electronics for you.

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  1. Arduino is doing miracles I must say! What you can think of can be implemented with Arduino. Amazing technique. And Projects based on Arduino like the Greenhouse one are so useful and innovative that no one can deny on that. Thanks for enlighting Arduino in such an awesome way.

  2. And Projects based on Arduino like the Greenhouse one are so useful and innovative that no one can deny on that. Thanks for enlighting Arduino in such an awesome way.


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