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Introduction To Smart Wi-Fi

Temperature is sensed by IC1 and its output is measured with ADC pin of BOARD1. BOARD1 sends data to the serial port. Data can be seen in the serial terminal of ESPlorer tool.
Real-time temperature data is uploaded over ThingSpeak (

Construction and testing

A single side PCB of Smart Wi-Fi is shown in Fig. 4 and its component layout in Fig. 5.

PCB pattern of Smart Wi-Fi
Fig. 4: PCB pattern of Smart Wi-Fi
Component layout of the PCB
Fig. 5: Component layout of the PCB

Download PCB and component layout PDFs: click here

ESP8266 module has many tools that are freely available, and you can select these as per your requirement. For a person new to this kind of development, following tools are recommended. Download and install these as per your PC configuration.
1. ESPlorer for serial port interface with Smart Wi-Fi. Click here
2. CP210x USB drivers . Click here
3. Smart Wi-Fi comes with the latest version of NodeMCUfirmware pre-loaded
4. NodeMCU API. Click here


  1. Really an interesting article. Just a small doubt. In the Block diagram, a line is shown connecting the Thingspeak to Smart Wifi. Does it mean that the Smart Wifi would be able to connect direct to the cloud bypassing the PC? if so, how is it achieved. Thanks in advance.


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