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Connected whiteboard that saves your work

If you believe that jotting down ideas infuses much more creativity and focus than digitally representing them, Quirklogic’s Quilla is for you. Positioned as a replacement for whiteboards, Quilla is a combination of a 106cm (42-inch) E-Ink electronic paper display (EPD) and electronic ink technologies, which can be used like a whiteboard and marker! Despite its large size, the Wi-Fi connected device is lightweight enough to carry it around your office. Quilla is battery-powered, and despite the device being always-on, a single charge lasts up to 16 hours. There is hardly any glare and you can read content even in bright sunlight.

Quilla is very comfortable to use. Simply touch to erase, resize, copy or move content. Your page is not limited by the edges of the device. You can simply span and continue adding content. It is also possible to import images and PDFs to review and annotate. Content written on the board is immediately saved in the user’s library. This enables both personalisation and collaboration. You can access your content from anywhere and start off where you left. Likewise, you can connect multiple devices from different locations, to share work and collaborate in real time, from anywhere.

Product: Quilla; Company: Quirklogic; Website; Country: Canada

Quilla is like a whiteboard that enables real-time collaboration (Courtesy: Quirklogic)
Quilla is like a whiteboard that enables real-time collaboration (Courtesy: Quirklogic)


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