Innovation From Workplace to Garden


A weeding robot from the maker of Roomba

Franklin Robotics is well-known as the maker of Roomba—the house cleaning robot. Now, they are all set to give you a garden cleaning solution too!

The new robot, called Tertill, automatically and constantly weeds your garden. There have been tech solutions for weeding before, but what makes Tertill special is that it works autonomously. It stays in your garden—rain or shine—and charges with solar power. It uses no chemicals, so it is easy to go the organic way with Tertill.

The robot keeps patrolling your garden looking for weeds. Its sensors help it to detect and steer away from plants. Small plants are considered as weeds and pulled out using string trimmers and weed whackers. To prevent Tertill from accidentally pulling out young saplings, you can fit these with plant collars till they grow to a particular height, when these are out of danger. Armed with special proprietary algorithms, Tertill patrols the garden in such a way that it can find and get rid of maximum weeds in an effective way.

Product: Tertill; Company: Franklin Robotics; Website; Country: United States of America

Tertill solar-powered robot to weed your garden
Tertill solar-powered robot to weed your garden


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