However, Adam experiment with Android wasn’t easy, especially because this operating system isn’t designed for large devices with large screens. “Most of the applications available in the Android market place are meant for the small-size screens, which is why we will release our own SDK simultaneously with the product launch. It will allow developers to develop applications for bigger screens. We have redesigned Android, its UI and fixed resolution issues,” says Shravan, who is confident of achieving excellent applications and competing with the exhaustive Apple store.

Apple Vs Adam
But will Adam be able to withstand Apple’s might in the tablet PC space? Apple’s iPad has been criticised on various aspects and Notion Ink is trying to face the Apple might by tackling those sores via Adam. Apple’s iPad runs on iMac’s proprietary OS using a normal LCD screen with Apple’s own processor. Adam, powered by nVidia’s Tegra 2 chipset, is able to run the same hardware as iPad effectively two-three times longer. The Pi Qixel display further improves its longevity. Further, “Adam can do 1080p HD video, while iPad is believed to do somewhere around 560p,” says Shravan. Adam is also slimmer than iPad (13.4mm), runs Flash and comes with USB ports.

But with Apple strong on the application front, what is Notion Ink’s strategy to win the battle? “We are coming up with an Application Development Challenge to accelerate applications for Adam. The competition and our soon-to-be released business model will make Adam strong on the application front and not just dependant on applications developed for Android devices,” says Shravan.

As far as the business model is concerned, Notion Ink shall soon put down those cards too. “Right now the information on our business model is not available in public domain. However, we will be doing a public release soon. The challenge along with our business model (to be revealed soon with the competition) will help to motivate developers for creating applications for our device,” says Shravan.

Looking ahead!
With every possible problem for the tablet PC user imagined and kept in mind, Adam is sure to give a new twist to the tablet PC market. But when can we expect the Adam magic to spread in India and globally? “We are going to manufacture devices in Taiwan. Our US launch is expected to be in June-July time frame. The Indian launch might, however, take a couple of months from there,” says Shravan.

The tablet PC war is surely on. May the best technology win!

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The author is a business correspondent at EFY Bengaluru


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