Saturday, December 10, 2022

Vroom Down Chock-a-Block Lanes With iWave Car PC

If you are worried about traffic jams, the car PC by iWave System Technologies is the perfect infotainment for you to enjoy the drive back home after a hard day of work -- VANISHA JOSEPH

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The road ahead
Looking ahead, iWave System Technologies is presently working on a low-power, high-performance mobile computing platform.

“A team of 10 engineers had been working on it for a year and it is production-ready now,” says Saliya. The company believes that ultra-slim gadgets will be the future innovative technologies. “Ultra-slim gadgets that enable mobility, connectivity and provide more comfort in terms of infotainment and productivity to the consumers are the future electronic products,” says Saliya, who believes the industrial, consumer, health care and automotive sectors to be the most receptive of next-generation computing solutions.



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