Top 6 Innovations to Look Out for This Winter


Security camera that’s truly wire-free

If you have been avoiding setting up a security camera system at home because of wiring hassles, Netgear’s Arlo Pro HD security camera system might be a worthy investment. With long-lasting batteries, it’s truly wire-free. This not only makes installation easier but also improves flexibility. You can move your cameras where you want. However, if you have a power supply nearby and wish to keep the camera plugged in, you can do that too. Alternatively, if you are using the camera outdoors, you can connect it to an Arlo solar panel!

The IP65-certified camera is weather-proof. Its wide-angle passive infrared (PIR) based motion sensor system and integrated night vision let you watch everything that transpires day and night. The camera records and streams video in high-definition, so you can watch every vivid detail. It has a good 130-degree viewing angle too. Two-way audio means you can listen in and talk back through the built-in speaker and mic, straight from your smartphone. If you spot something suspicious through motion or audio, you can trigger the 100+ decibel siren remotely.

You can keep seven days of motion- and audio-triggered recordings on the cloud for free, and pay for a longer period. You can also connect a USB drive to the base station and take a local backup.

Product: Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Security Camera Systems (VMS4230); Company: Netgear; Country: USA; Website.

A weather-proof and wire-free security camera from Netgear that can be placed anywhere

Watch 3D movies without glasses

Nobody likes to wear 3D glasses when watching 3D movies at home! Thankfully, a glasses-free 3D technology from Stream TV Networks can save you from this annoying experience. Termed Ultra-D, it directs light from the sub-pixel level at an optimal angle to create a 3D image for the human eyes without requiring glasses.

Ultra-D’s ultra-high-definition 2160p panels consist of 8.3 million pixels each as opposed to two million pixels of a 1080p panel. In the Ultra-D display, an underlying LCD, LED or OLED panel is combined with specially-designed optical layers that use refractive and diffractive technologies to create a 140-degree continuous light front. It is integrated with a proprietary middleware that controls how the display operates at a sub-pixel level. A software is used to decode the Ultra-D formatted content.

The proprietary conversion process is done locally using the Ultra-D system-on-chip. It can convert almost any type of content, ranging from cable, satellite and Blu-ray to Xbox, Apple TV, Google TV, Netflix, YouTube and more. So, your device will work for any content, without the content owners or distributors having to worry about it.

Some industry experts acclaim the conversion hardware as being innovative because it can convert 2D as well as traditional 3D content (viewed with glasses) into 2160p glasses-free 3D in real time.

According to the company, Ultra-D technology can be used for almost all panel types and sizes. It is compatible with touch-screen features as well. That means consumers can experience glasses-free 3D on a wide range of devices including televisions, tablets, smartphones, portable game players and laptops.

Product: Ultra-D; Company: Stream TV Networks; Country: USA and The Netherlands; Website.

Ultra-D glasses-free 3D technology can be built into many kinds of displays including televisions

A handy little UPS for your router

When you are working from home and have a deadline to meet in the afternoon, a power cut that renders your router useless can be quite irritating. While some people might have the luxury of connecting their router to home UPS, not everybody does. In order to solve this problem, Bengaluru-based Resonate Systems has come up with an accessory called RouterUSP that can provide up to four hours of power backup for your ADSL or Wi-Fi router.

RouterUPS is a CE- and RoHS-certified product designed for everyday use with your Wi-Fi router. Being light and portable, it can be carried along wherever you go. Setup is simple. Just connect it between your router and its power adaptor so that it charges to provide the power backup. RouterUPS has several safety protection circuits including an intelligent battery management system for longer life.

You can choose from three different models depending on your router’s input and adaptor’s output power ratings: 12V input, <2A output; 9V input, <1A output; and 5V input, <2A output. Check these details on your device before purchasing the appropriate RouterUPS model.

Product: RouterUPS; Company: Resonate Systems; Country: India; Website

This simple product from Resonate gives your router a power backup

A notebook that can last a lifetime

When Joe Lemay forgot his notebook for an important sales meeting in 2013, he decided to try out some digital notebooks. However, these did not feel as comfortable as a real notebook. That is when Lemay decided to co-develop, with a close and capable team, a ‘normal’ but cloud-connected notebook.


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