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DesignUp, The First Ever Design Conference In India

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Bengaluru, November 12th 2016: The first day of the DesignUp Conference saw a successful series of panel discussions to learn, discover and get actionable insights on increased recognition of designing elements being an integral part of not just product but also enterprise success. Attendees came not just from all over India but also from US’s own Silicon Valley with stories from the trenches and take back applicable insights from all makers and creators of services, hardware or software who want to leverage on Design in its myriad forms.

The panel line-up included varied names like Jamie Myrold, VP of Design, Adobe, Anshumani Ruddra, VP of Products, Practo, Anshuman Bapna, CPO, MakeMytrip, Ashish Goel, CEO & CoFounder, Urban Ladder and many more.

Some Key Takeaways:

Mekin Maheshwari, Ex-CPO of Flipkart says on learning, “Failure is the best teacher. The only way to learn is to disrupt yourself and comfort zone. It’s necessary to try and get into the scheme of things and create. If you haven’t created, you haven’t learnt.”

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Anshuman Bapna, CPO, MakeMyTrip and Co-Founder, MyGola comments on finding the product market fit by design, “Design for us is not just about how it looks, it is crafted for Spontaneous travellers. Design sensibility must be built in from day one at many startups. Find the user, keep them, get paid. That’s how we fuel them”

Jamie Myrold, VP of Design, Adobe says, “Designers, be the voice of your customer. And Founders, be nice to your Designers. There are never enough designers to design the things that should be designed.”

Alok Goel, MD of Saif Partners and Ex CEO, Freecharge demonstrates the importance of a North Star Metric. “Google spends their time in every single pixel – how a Design culture should be, especially when we have very little data.”

Jay Dutta, Venture Advisor SAIF Partners and curator of the DesignUp Conference comments “To have an all-inclusive minimum viable product will go a long way in making your product relevant.”

Aditi Kulkarni, Ex VP of Design, Postman advises designers: “Don’t underestimate your users. Talk to people who use your products every day, communicating & interacting helps understand better.

Shrivatsan Chari, co-Founder of ClearTax comments. “Make hard (and simple) decisions for your users”

The panel discussion and workshops aimed at addressing the increasing trends of acknowledging user engagement and thereby boosting growth through design practitioners who have been crafting experiences, building products and creating design teams.

The brains behind the initiative, Jay Dutta, Venture Advisor SAIF Partners, comments, “Tech by itself is often not consumable – we need to appeal to the mental map of our users, we need to make it usable and useful – that’s where Design steps into help, in all forms, from product prototyping to executing in a relevant manner. DesignUp is the first step towards bringing together the diverse Startup ecosystem and we are looking forward to closely working with them”

Event Details:

Day and Date: Sat & Sun, 12th and 13th November, 2016
Venue: NUMA, 5th Floor, 46/1, Church Street, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 001
Time: 10 a.m. Onwards

Day Two

The Second day of the event will see a range of focused, intensive and hands-on workshops with design and product leaders like Talin Wadsworth, Lead Designer on Adobe XD on intro to the brand new prototyping tool, while Baisampayan, Lead Designer at Playment, covers prototyping using Framer.Js, Anshumani Ruddra, VP of Product at Practo, to share his experiments in hacking Design Sprints as well as Somya Hastekar and Ruchi Mahajan, Senior Experience Designers from ThoughtWorks on methods to map out service experiences and define flows that influence behaviour in a no-UI world!

A One hundred percent volunteer-led, the multi-disciplinary team saw enthusiastic participation from freelancers and employees from multiple companies including Adobe, redBus, SAIF Partners, , Flipkart, and HFI. Attendees included folks from BookMyShow, Zoho, Flipkart, CapitalFloat, Practo, ClearTax, Ola, Furlenco, Wishberry, MakeMyTrip, FreshDesk, Playment, and YourDost. Also participating were people from Philips, TCS, Adobe, and Google.



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