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Intuition Pro: The World’s First Intuition Enhancing Device

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SYDNEY, Dec. 22, 2017 – A recent study by the University of Cambridge demonstrated that financial traders were “better at reading their ‘gut feelings’ than the general population – and the better they are at this ability, the more successful they are as traders.”

A possible explanation might be linked to the human subconscious itself and its ability to “access” future events. Recent studies have demonstrated that the human subconscious is gifted with predictive capability, which scientist have coined PAA – or Predictive Anticipatory Activity. PAA is the ability of the human subconscious to peak into the future a few seconds ahead of time. Although PAA has been observed with consistency over and over, scientists are still at work to find an explanation for this phenomenon. Some have argued that PAA is linked to Einstein’s Field Theory, where past, present and future are all interrelated. Recent research, such as Cambridge University’s research on traders, has found that people who are more in tune with their subconscious seem to be better at guessing the future – even if that future is a seemingly unpredictable future event, such as random event in a gambling environment.

The ability to consciously sense your subconscious bodily reaction is called interoception. Yet most of us, due to our rational upbringing, no longer pay attention to the interoception happening to our own body. In other words, we no longer listen or trust our gut feeling.

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This is why Intuition Pro was developed. Intuition Pro helps you to regain your capacity to consciously sense signals from your subconscious. Training your interoception sense with Intuition Pro enhances the ability to sense minute subconscious bodily reaction, and since the subconscious can access the future… so can you!

The Intuition Pro App provides quizzes, and while the users undertake the quiz, the Intuition Pro device monitors the user’s subconscious body reactions. Subconscious levels are recorded for both right and wrong answers during both the guessing period and when the results are displayed. Subconscious levels during and after the guessing period are generally identical, this is a confirmation that the human subconscious anticipates the answer ahead of time. The guessing period corresponds to the intuitive zone. Since all the training quizzes are randomly generated, the results are one more confirmation that the subconscious can peak into the future and predict events that would normally be unpredictable. An algorithm generates an intuition score by analyzing the difference between the subconscious levels in the intuitive zone. The higher one’s ability to sense subconscious bodily reaction levels, the higher the intuition score. Gradually, users enhance their ability to sense their subconscious level and their predictive skills.

Intuition Pro devices benefit those making rapid decisions in a fast-paced, volatile market environment and also when events are randomly generated – such as a gaming environment. Founded in early 2017, Intuition Pro offers unique and revolutionary products to enhance your intuition and improve your decision-making skills. Missioned to pioneer neuroscience-based products for the betterment of people’s lives.



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