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Present your scientific idea to the world through TechExpo at IIT Guwahati

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TechExpo is a national science competition which is held at IIT Guwahati during its Annual Techno Management Fest, Techniche. TechExpo is an exciting competition which helps students to explore their vision and curiosity through science. It has been initiated with the cardinal aim of bringing to light the technological advancements made by the youth of this country and provide an opportunity to showcase their innovations on a larger platform. The winners will be awarded with a total cash prize of INR 3,00,000.

The competition will be conducted in two phases, where Phase I will include abstract submission along with a short video giving a brief introduction of the project. The entries of Phase I will be rigorously evaluated by the judging panel which includes Fred Raab, Head of Hanford Observatory, LIGO, IIT Technical Board Chairman, Professors and the Top 100 contestants will be qualified for Phase II which will be held at IIT Guwahati, during its Annual Techno Management Festival, Techniche. The top seven projects will be selected as the final winner’s.

TechExpo will provide a platform for the participants to showcase the projects undertaken by them in front of a mass multitude of people which includes but isn’t restricted to Professors from various fields, notable personage including Nobel Laureates, leading business tycoons, venture capitalists, professors from IITs and Students from across the nation. The teams would also get a chance to witness one of the most amazing and enthralling college festivals in India, Techniche 2016 at IIT Guwahati. The summit comprises of various lectures, competitions, exhibitions and nites, and is conducted from September 1st to 4th. “TechExpo, IIT Guwahati is a great initiative. This will not only help young innovators get recognition but will also be a stepping stone to plummet the growth of the Indian technology” – Karuna Kalita, Chairman, IIT Guwahati Technical Board.

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Such events are a rarity in the present day scenario and a technology student is highly encouraged to participate and learn to streamline his abilities with the modern day gadgets. The registration for the event is totally free and can be done by logging onto

For any further queries, please contact the organizers of TechExpo at (+91) – 7576918640 or (+91) – 9531126269



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