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Solid State Broadband GaN High Power Amplifier

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Aidin Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, has designed and developed a Solid State Broadband Gallium Nitride (GaN) high power amplifier for applications in radar, Electronic Warfare (EW) and Communication. The power amplifier is designed to operate over UHF & L bands, providing simultaneously broadband or band specific high power linear, CW and pulse applications.

The power amplifier architecture utilizes high power GaN on SiC HEMT devices that provide wide frequency response, high gain, high peak power capability, high linearity and high efficiency. Exceptional performance, long term reliability and high efficiency are achieved by employing advanced broadband RF matching networks and combining techniques and all qualified components (Fig.1). The amplifier is housed in a size mountable in a 19″rack.The amplifier operates from a single DC supply and has built‐in control, monitoring and protection functions, with cooling provided through the base plate designed for proper heat transfer.

Fig.1: Solid State GaN Power Amplifier Unit with Building Blocks of 100 W and 200 W

The power amplifier is based on a Solid State Class AB and modular design (Fig.1), a highly reliable and rugged design, providing an Instantaneous broadband operating frequency range of 500 to 2000 MHz, a power output of 500 W for CW as well as pulse inputs, with a saturated gain of 57 dB, over operating temperature of ‐20 deg C to +55 deg C. The amplifier has pulse modulation capability and works on + 50 V DC power supply, with provision for proper I/O RF and power connector interfaces.

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