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Electronics For You Design Contest Winners Announcement

Electronics For You Design Contest Winners Announcement

Contest Winners List 

Firstly, thank you for participating in the contest and showing interest. Many ideas and submissions, were received from all, with many ideas being impressive. However, our contest is based on working prototypes, documentation, and innovation around a given theme. Few of the contest submissions we received, extended our contest theme but were very impressive and innovative so we have decided to recognise them with awards under judges’ choice. Hence in extension to the theme of our contest, We have recognised three projects to be awarded the “Judges Choice Award ”. 

Message for all participants 

Although the contest is not just about winning and losing. It’s about trying, innovating, and learning. we run the contest so that we can encourage the innovator in you and help the bud inside you to flourish and grow. No matter who loses or wins everyone is a winner because all participants stand out from millions of people and try to innovate, and design and we believe you enjoyed the journey and learn from it. With this mission of encouraging the innovation and helping the bud of innovation to flourish in you, we promise we come with more contests in the future as well and we continue to help you to step out to do innovation. 

A hearty congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to all the participants.

Best wishes,


Grand Prize Winner

10000 ₹ + Certificate 

  Duraiarasu E

Smart Wearable Ring 

Smart Wearable Ring

2nd Prize

5000+ Certificate


Wearable IoT Health Monitoring System

3rd Prize

2000+ Certificate

Sakthivignesh Ravichandran

Wireless Electricity Charger

Judges Prize Winners 

1st Prize 

2000 + Certificate


Coal Mining Robot

Coal Mining Safety Robot Using Arduino


Runner Ups

1000 + Certificate


High Torque Servo And Obstacle Avoiding Robot

High Torque Servo Motor and Obstacle Avoiding Robot


An IoT-Based Health Monitoring System With Medicine Box

An IoT Based Health Monitoring System With Medicine Box