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Tech Update (May 2016)

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Delphi unveils 48V vehicle solution to meet emission norms

Automotive parts manufacturing company Delphi has unveiled its 48-volt vehicle solution that could prove pivotal for automakers in meeting future emission regulations without sacrificing performance for customers. The company confirmed it is working with two global automakers and could see production within 18 months.

Showcased in a Honda Civic 1.6-liter diesel vehicle at the company’s annual investor update, Delphi’s 48-volt, mild hybrid technology enables ‘intelligent’ electrification. The customised vehicle architecture maximises the use of the 48-volt electrification to minimise the demand on the engine, improving performance while lowering CO2 emissions by more than ten per cent.

Delphi 48-volt mild hybrid car (Image courtesy:
Delphi 48-volt mild hybrid car (Image courtesy:



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