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Lightweight Electric Sports Car With State-Of-The-Art EV Technology

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Developed using advanced EV production techniques, the vehicle meets modern safety standards and equipped with enhanced car functionalities

The Coupe. Image credit: WEVC

Redefining electric sports car with a two-seater interior space and rear-wheel drive – with retro looks is the Coupe by Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC). The new EV has a lightweight, sophisticated architecture yet conforms to modern safety standards.

Based on the company’s EV platform called PACES, the automobile is made from bonded aluminium and features an integrated battery enclosure built into the primary chassis as opposed to a separate battery case. This allows the entire platform to be lightweight and very structurally efficient – while the whole powertrain and chassis combination meets ISO regulations and European Small Series Type Approval crash requirements.

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With nearly 50:50 weight distribution, a kerbweight (vehicle weight) of less than 1,000kg and double wishbone suspension, the WEVC Coupe puts the driver first, placing importance on carefully-honed ride, handling and steering characteristics. Power comes from a 40kWh lithium-ion battery, while the mid-mounted electric motor in Launch Edition vehicles provides 120kW (160bhp).el

The Coupe’s all-new composite body is inspired by the legendary 1955 Porsche 356a. All exterior surfaces are optimised to deliver aerodynamic efficiency and house the state-of-the-art bonded aluminium chassis and bespoke suspension. The cabin not just executes simplicity (built using premium-grade lightweight materials) but also provides modern vehicle functionalities of air-conditioning and mobile connectivity.

“The Coupe represents two firsts for Watt Electric Vehicle Company. It is our very first model – and the first to utilise our PACES modular EV architecture, which will underpin many next-generation specialist passenger and commercial EVs. With our debut vehicle we wanted to build a light, engaging sports car, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the current trend toward hugely powerful, fast accelerating, but heavy electric supercars,” said Neil Yates, founder and owner of Watt Electric Vehicle Company.

Over the last 10 months, WEVC has carried out extensive prototype testing and further refinements will continue to be made over the coming year. WEVC simulation models predict production specification cars will have a WLTP range of approximately 230 miles, with the 120kW Launch Edition Coupes able to accelerate from 0-62mph in just over five seconds.

Manufacturing will begin at WEVC’s home in Cornwall in November with first deliveries in early 2022.


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