Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Innovative Connection Solution For Industry By Phoenix Contact

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UCS universal Housing for Embedded System

Universal housings from the UCS series offers an adjustable, universal solution to accommodate PCBs specified by form factor in embedded systems, which would occupy less space and can be easily mounted on DIN rail or wall or can be used as a desktop with the help of few accessories implies the same housing offering flexibility in the mounting style. Hence one enclosure can serve multiple requirements.

Customers can choose among the version with a flexible PCB attachment or with a fixed PCB attachment, which is integrated into the corner dome. The removable side panels enable modular electronic solution which can be cut according to the requirement of connection technology to be used. As an option these plates are also available in aluminum as well.

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BC Housing Series

BC Housing–Modular electronics housings from the BC series represent future-oriented applications in building automation. The electronics housings impress thanks to their modern design, multi-sided PCB connections and an efficient DIN rail connector. The BC series is suited for direct wall mounting or for use in installation distributors in accordance with DIN 43880.

Connectors Compatible with UCS and BC Housing series for DATA transmission

Phoenix Contact is consistently developing its portfolio of data connectors for reliable communication. With the extension of the product range, established data connectors such as D-SUB are just as much part of the portfolio as new data connectors for RJ45, USB, HDMI, coaxial and fiber optic connections, and Single Pair Ethernet.



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