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6 Awesome Innovations for Techies

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Computer with built-in 3D scanner

The Sprout Pro G2 computer by HP is a dream come true for designers as it can capture and render 3D objects in a jiffy. No clutter, no fuss, but the job gets done. You can scan a 3D object by just rotating it in front of the screen, edit the content in real time using a special pressure-sensitive active pen, and also create visual, hands-on experiences for collaboration, shopping, learning, etc, using the computer’s dual multi-touch displays, unique 20-point Touch Mat and high-resolution cameras.

The high-resolution, full high definition (HD) projector projects on the 2.2mm thick horizontal Touch Mat. The mat’s 20-point capacitive surface lets up to four hands work at the same time. It can work wonders together with the active pen, which has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity to enable intuitive, precision digital inking. When you write on the Touch Mat with this pen, it feels as if you are writing on a paper with a pen.

Software tools like the WorkTools suite and HP 3D Scan Software Pro v5 help you harness the capabilities of the innovative hardware. You can capture objects in real time, create precise 360° 3D models using enhanced structured-light scanning technology, manipulate content in 2D and 3D through an interactive clipboard, manage how the displays appear on a third monitor, and so on. The Professional Software Development Kit (SDK) also gives you advanced hardware access to create apps for this specialised PC. For those tasked with 3D object handling, Sprout Pro is a product worth considering.

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Company: HP; Country: United States of America;


Scan and edit 3D objects in real time using this advanced PC (Image courtesy: HP)
Scan and edit 3D objects in real time using this advanced PC (Image courtesy: HP)

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