Sunday, April 14, 2024

Eight New Innovations That Will Blow Your Mind

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Temporary tattoos to control connected devices

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, in partnership with Microsoft, has created a new touch interface, DuoSkin, which allows temporary tattoos to interact with smartphones or computers, display output based on body temperature changes and even transmit data using near filed communication.

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Pic 3_Smart tattoos that allow users to control devices such as mobile phones or laptops just by touching their skin (Image courtesy:

Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, PhD student at MIT and creator of DuoSkin, says that the tattoos are not only trendy, but cheap enough “to change and edit your appearance whenever you want.” She adds that in Taiwan there is a huge culture of intermingled cosmetics and street fashion. DuoSkin team wanted to achieve the same thing by keeping the technology affordable, attractive and on trend.

DuoSkin temporary tattoos can be made at home and washed off in a day. These use electrodes present in inexpensive gold leaves to create a conductive surface. The gold leaf and a thin layer of silicone adhere to the body to create an interface on the skin that when touched can convey certain commands to your electronic devices.

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Researchers have developed three different types of tattoos. The first acts as a touchpad to control a computer cursor or adjust a music player. The second uses thermochromic pigments that change colour when body temperature rises. And, the third uses near field communication technology to transmit data such as photos between your phone and the tattoo.


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