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Eight New Innovations That Will Blow Your Mind

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World’s first robot therapist helps relieve muscle strains

Pic 5
Pic 5_EMMA has already been used to treat Singapore’s national basketball team using acupoint therapy (Image courtesy:

A Singapore based company, AiTreat, has developed a robot that can perform physiotherapy massages for muscle strains and injuries. Expert Manipulative Massage Automation, or EMMA, a robotic arm with a 3D-printed massage tip, can deliver massage therapy for sports injuries and muscular pains.

EMMA is designed as a clinically precise tool to carry out treatment automatically as per a physiotherapist’s prescription. It brings scientific data with a user-friendly interference and guidelines for pain management. It also helps medical practitioners carry out research and scientifically demonstrate to the patients the progress in treatment.

The robot has a single robotic arm that performs highly-articulate movements, a 3D stereoscopic camera for vision and a customised fully-rotatable 3D-printed massage tip. EMMA is also equipped with built-in pressure sensors to ensure safety and comfort of patients when performing pedal exercises.


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