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Indian students create disaster recovery and surveillance robot

Fourteen-year-olds Anuj Verma and Shlok Jhawar, students of Delhi Public School, Bengaluru, India, under the mentorship of National Instruments, have successfully created a four-wheeled, all-terrain, multi-purpose robot named, Recon Rover. In their quest to do something for the society, these budding engineers aspired and built the disaster recovery and surveillance robot, Recon Rover, that can be used for surveillance during disasters and natural calamities.

The robot incorporates data from various actuators and sensors to give users the best control and accurate data from areas struck by natural calamities. It uses ultrasonic sensors to automatically avoid obstacles and prevent crashes along with sensing the presence of humans stuck in disaster zones. It sends real-time images and data from the disaster site while being controlled remotely.


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