Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Advanced imaging technique for cancer detection

Researchers from University of Cambridge are developing a new imaging technique with the aim of detecting and characterising early cancerous changes in the gastrointestinal tract. The technique involves using a standard endoscopy system with a novel set of camera filters, increasing the number of colours that can be visualised during endoscopy, and potentially improving the ability to detect abnormal cells in the lining of the gut.

Dr Sarah Bohndiek from University of Cambridge, UK, who is leading the development, explains the new technique as, “In traditional endoscopy, we use white light and detectors that replicate our eyes, which detect light in red, green and blue colour channels. We are now developing an approach called hyperspectral imaging, which will increase the number of colour channels that can be visualised from three to over 50.”

“Since cell changes associated with the development of cancer lead to colour changes in tissues, we believe that hyperspectral imaging could help us to improve the specificity of lesion identification because we can use these colours to identify abnormal tissues,” adds Dr Bohndiek.



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