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AI robot teaches humans ping pong

The name FORPHEUS comes from Future Omron Robotics technology for Exploring Possibility of Harmonized aUtomation with Sinic theoretics. A coined term embodying OMRON’s robot technologies based on its unique future prediction theory—SINIC theoretics. It is also a combination of For and ORPHEUS (a bard in Greek mythology as a symbol of human creativity), representing OMRON’s attitude of bringing out human creativity and possibility.

Robot FORPHEUS aims to improve your table tennis skills while having fun at the same time by keeping a rally going. In addition to the conventional function to control returning the ball according to the trajectory and strength of the ball, the third-generation FORPHEUS is equipped with new amazing technologies where you and machines grow together by using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

FORPHEUS can learn about characteristics of your actions and the trajectory of the ball and keep a rally going, which guides you to make more progress. Further, the degree of harmony between you and the machine has been made visible through the rally.

FORPHEUS was recently named the world’s first robot table tennis tutor by Guinness World Records. It’s now been updated in order to return balls with greater accuracy using artificial intelligence (Image courtesy:



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