Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Follow Your Passion to Find the Best Place for You

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With an early fascination towards semiconductors, Priyadeep Kaur, Principal Engineer at Infineon Technologies, India is an electronics and communication grad with over ten years experience in the industry. 

I have always wanted to make a difference in the technology industry and contribute to the development of new technologies. At Infineon, we work to build an easier and safer world with our technology advancements and is inline with my goals,” she says. 

Starting her career as an application engineer in Cypress Semiconductor Technologies, now acquired by Infineon, she recollects having three job offers in hand before choosing to work with Cypress.  Kaur  recommends women to follow their passion and that will help to find the best place for them. 

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She insists on maintaining work life balance and believes sticking to work timings has made her improve productivity. “I used to feel it difficult to balance home, kids and work.  When I joined the office after my first kid, I realised how productive I could be if I had followed  working hours and avoided stretching beyond. Remember having responsibilities outside of work only makes us more organised and productive,” she said. 

From her experience, Kaur points out that it is fine to  take a pause, think, and then let go of the small things to make way for bigger, more impactful outcomes rather than forcing yourself to accomplish everything together. 

When asked about tips for male colleagues, she suggests them to not make assumptions. “Limit  assumptions and generalizations as much as possible. For instance, women are automatically perceived to be multitaskers. But it doesn’t come easy to anyone regardless of gender,” she said. 



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