Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sensors And Connectivity In Smart Industry

By Vishal Goyal, Senior Manager – Technical Marketing, Analog and MEMS group, RF, Sensors and Analog custom products, India, ASEAN and ANZ, STMicroelectronics

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STMicroelectronics has recently launched RF sub-1GHz and Sigfox transceiver S2-LP. This product can communicate at 430-470 MHz and 860-940 MHz. It has output power up to +16dbm and sensitivity down to -130dbm.This extremely low current IC can be used as peer to peer connection to establish connection between machine and remote controller. It is also a certified Sigfox product so it can be configured to directly connect machine to Sigfox network and then to the Cloud without gateway assuring more than 10 years battery life since its ultra-low power consumption.

Development platform

The market is evolving at such a fast pace that chancing of success depends heavily on time and cost involved. It is very important to have a development platform which is open source, affordable, flexible, production ready and scalable.

STMicroelectronics has introduced a STM32 open development environment platform which allows designers to develop products using ST microcontroller, sensors, RF and Analog products in a very flexible and affordable way. The hardware platform is complemented by software drivers, middleware libraries and applications. It also include associated Android and iOS code.

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The user can also access many advance libraries by a simple computer based license agreement. Once the platform is tested designer can develop his custom PCB and load the firmware developed on this platform. The user will need to sign the production license for libraries only when he want to test on his custom board.


SensorTile is a miniaturized tile-shaped design platform. It includes all that is needed to remotely sense and measure motion, environmental and acoustical parameters. A machine developer can straightaway focus on aerodynamics, motor control and physical design of the machine or robotic arm without worrying about connectivity and sensor integration.

The whole approach allows for preventative and proactive maintenance. The machines located in dangerous and hazardous conditions can be monitored. And company save a lot of money as it doesn’t have to pay for personnel who will no longer visit the facility.


Smart Industry is the need of the hour to attain higher productivity, safer working conditions and efficiency. Advent of lower power sensor and connectivity technology has made this possible. Diverse options in sensors and connectivity are solving many complex problem which were unpractical and expensive earlier.

STMicroelectronics has more than 30 years of experience in developing products for Industrial applications. Deep application knowledge has enabled us to deliver optimized solution. It as in-house high quality manufacturing and owns industry-leading innovative technologies with comprehensive tools, software and support.



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