“Technology selection is not a one-time decision; It is a decision made for every product”

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Q: What are the other factors that affect this decision of whether to go for the latest node possible, considering the transistor is cheaper than the trailing node?
A: There is power, performance, time-to-market, the product cost versus development costs, and the platform cost. The platform cost dictates that the silicon cost has to be as low as possible, so if the volumes are high enough then it could be as leading edge as possible.

In general, it is safe to say that today even someone who is selecting 65nm as a node to capture a brand new design will look at moving to advanced no design future. Technology selection is not a one-time decision. It is a decision made for every product.

Q: Could you share an example of the kind of challenges your customers come with, and how you help solve them?
A: Let me give you an example of a data center ASIC customer who needs to fit as much performance as possible in a constrained power envelope. Their desire is to get to the most advance node possible to satisfy that need. We help them get on to the most advanced node with high confidence. Sometimes the path to the most advanced node is through the more mature node just prior to the most advanced node. This helps a new customer get used to our technology, use our mature portfolio of IP and accelerate the development of the product on a stable design platform. Then, as a next step, new products can be made with confidence on the next generation of technology.

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