Monday, April 22, 2024

The Power Of Grid Computing

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For grid to enter the technology mainstream, it will need to move beyond computer-intensive applications that are parallel in nature, to transactional applications like online banking and typical business functions.

EGEE grid links more than 300 computing centres in more than 50 countries worldwide. The figure shows the European region (Image courtesy:
A SETI packet processing in progress (Image courtesy:

The way applications are developed will also have to evolve for the grid to gain greater approval. Grid computing is being talked of as the next big thing for corporate computing, and it can enable companies to make more optimal use of their IT.

The biggest advantage of grid computing for users is that they can run multiple applications without modification, rather than having to rely on dedicated computer clusters in the datacenter. A user’s application will request a Web service, and some computer on the grid will respond.

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The grid could also be used in cities to provide applications with higher flexibility, as there would be no single point of failure. Grid computing could become the most preferred method for users to access the database. However, one issue yet to be resolved is licensing, as there is no way the model for licensing today can support on-demand computing.

As grid computing systems’ complexity increases, it is likely to result in more organisations and corporations developing multipurpose networks. We can even look forward to a time when corporations inter-network with other companies. In that environment, computational problems that seemed impossible may be condensed to a project that has the duration of a few hours. Let us wait and watch!

Deepak Halan is associate professor at School of Management Sciences, Apeejay Stya University


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