Monday, April 22, 2024

“Our go-to-market plans have always been with the end user in mind”

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Q. Smart Cities are going to be the urban future and security will be of prime importance. In what ways do you contribute to security and surveillance ecosystem?
A. Smart cities have given birth to massive data storage demands emanating from the technological advancements triggering data growth. For leading digital storage providers like us, we understand the evolving storage needs of an emerging digital environment. Safety of the citizens is one of the important attributes of a smart city. Our WD Purple line of surveillance-specific hard drives fits into the picture perfectly. These drives are specifically designed to withstand harsh 24×7 always-on surveillance environments. WD next generation technology and solution in the surveillance space caters to the different needs through customization, hence ensuring quality service and peace of mind.

Q. Do you think IoT is the next big thing in the technology world? Please elaborate?
A. Gartner recently predicted that the number of IoT devices (excluding PCs, tablets and smartphones) will grow from just 0.9 billion in 2009 to about 26 billion units in 2020. It will be an era of interconnected devices talking to each other, sensors sensing and passing on the information to other devices in the network resulting in actions and massive data being saved and applications being run from the operational control centers. IoT and big data will be the next mega-trends which will aid the introduction of innovative products and solutions in the industry. The year ahead will solidify these changes and start a transformation with considerable deployment in network, data, storage and analytics. WD is fostering innovation by engaging with early adopters to create next generation products for emerging markets.


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