Wednesday, August 10, 2022

System Design Tricks for Wireless Communication

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Chaotic signals are strongly modi ed by wireless physical media through which it propagates, but, somehow, information transmitted by the signal is not modified. Chaotic signals are also unaffected by multipath effects, which is a major deterrent with most wireless transmissions.

Controlling chaos.

Being aperiodic, irregular, having broadband spectrum, easy to generate and difficult to predict over time makes chaotic sig- nals a very lucrative solution in sonar and radar applications. A research at Xian University of Technology in China and University of Aberdeen in the UK has demonstrated how chaotic signals could create a reliable and ef cient wireless communication system.

However, initial conditions need to be ideal. The tiniest of mistakes could lead to circuits not encoding the information for transmission. With successful implementation of chaos theory, these can not only be beneficial with secure communication but also encode a binary source of information in an energy-efficient way. So maybe, we finally have a place where chaos is not all that bad.

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