Application in food industry

An electronic nose has the following applications in this area:
Analysis of fruit ripening. Fruit ripening is associated with accumulation of aromatic volatile substances during ripening. An e-nose can help remove rotten fruits at the appropriate time. This can help in avoiding storage losses due to rots and fruit diseases.

JPL e-nose. This is a full-time, continuously-operating event monitor used in International Space Station. It is designed to detect air contamination from spills and leaks in the crew habitat. It can also be used to monitor cleanup processes after a leak or spill.

An electronic nose can be used for detection of explosives, in space applications, research and development industries, quality-control laboratories and process and production departments.

It can also be used in the field of crime prevention and security. Detecting drug odours despite other airborne odours capable of confusing police dogs is another capability. It may also be used for bomb-detection at airports. Through careful placement of several e-noses and effective computer systems, authorities can triangulate the location of bombs to within a few metres of their location in less than a few seconds. It can also be used in the detection of harmful bacteria and detection of drug odours.

Akul Sabharwal is an electronics and communication engineer. He is currently working as R&D head at Sammi Electronics India Pvt Ltd



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