Some Ways To Beat The New Monster In Our Environment

By Col. B.C. Halan



Most people and businesses are not aware that properly disposing of or reusing EEE can help prevent health problems, create jobs and reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions. Reusing EEE needs to be encouraged and promoted. Reusing involves greater diversion of electronic waste from energy-intensive down-cycling processes (for example, conventional recycling), where equipment is reverted to raw material form.

Environmental and social benefits of reuse include diminished demand for new products and virgin raw materials (with their own environmental issues), availability of larger quantities of pure water and electricity for associated manufacturing, less packaging per unit, availability of technology to wider swaths of society due to greater affordability of products, and diminished use of landfills and effective management of hazardous waste, so as to avoid environmental pollution and adverse health effects due to its improper handling and disposal.

Col. B.C. Halan (Retd), M.Tech is advisor climate control services at KBS Certification Services, Faridabad


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