RapidSmith: A Java Based CAD Tool For Modern Xilinx FPGAs

As a tool based on Xilinx Design Language (XDL), RapidSmith provides a human-readable file format equivalent to Xilinx proprietary Netlist Circuit Description (NCD).


But many engineers feel that the use of Java as a prototyping platform for FPGA CAD tools is a wrong choice. This is due to its reputation of being a memory hog and slow. But developers of RapidSmith are optimistic in this regard and feel that both speed and memory can be controlled to the point where this is not an issue.

Improving productivity of FPGA designs

RapidSmith is an XDL based rapid prototyping platform for research ideas and algorithms relating to low-level FPGA CAD tools. Hopefully, researchers around the globe will make use of the tool for research to develop its capabilities further and to provide new opportunities for research in FPGA CAD tools.

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Jai Sachith Paul is assistant professor at Department of ECE, SETCEM, Thrissur



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