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New To Engineering In India: Check Out The Colleges That Are Worth A Mention

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With the new millennium having witnessed the mushrooming of engineering colleges in India, faster than that of real mushrooms, prospective engineers are naturally spoilt for choice every time a need to choose the right engineering college within the country comes up. This is a year-on-year trend.

Now in 2017, with results of competitive examinations having been recently announced in most states, there is an imminent need to check out the traditionally high-rated colleges and the other ones that have made the cut amongst the best institutes.

With top engineering colleges Pan-India being the criteria, we chose to speak to experts who with their insights could offer a list of institutions that could be marked as one among the list of top engineering colleges within India.

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Parameters for evaluation of engineering colleges

“Basically, there are five parameters using which we can assess educational facilities offering engineering education in India,” states Ajay Godara who is director at Chandigarh-based Enovation Lab LLP. Ajay has been doing his bit to empower Indian youth through innovation.

The exact evaluation metrics, as per Ajay, are overall coaching (offered by a engineering institute), resources offered for learning, scope for research, placements facility, and the way in which students are counselled to perform in examinations plus the actual graduation results.

“Evaluation of engineering colleges in India can be done by considering the overall tally of students having received placements in premier companies,” states Dr Radhakrishnan HK –  a Bengaluru-based counsellor who has nearly two decades of experience in guiding engineering students towards right career paths.

“Coaching in colleges is mostly the same across the country, expect for the IITs that lay emphasis on practical knowledge,” adds Dr Radhakrishnan.

“Engineering colleges in India are today truly world-class; but the sheer interest amongst the students to truly acquire knowledge should improve,” feels Harish Babu – an engineer and chief trainer at Karnataka based Keonics. Harish Babu also offers technical expertise to governmental agencies on multiple aspects.

Harish feels that even with moderate facilities such as infrastructure, engineering colleges can produce good engineers provided prospective engineers have the ability and capability. The trainer at Keonics is also of the opinion that evaluation of the colleges should be done on the basis of intelligence level of students.

Now, with the above aspects being considered as criteria, we requested experts to come up with a comprehensive list of the engineering institutions that they thought “had what it takes” to churn out quality and employable engineers.

Are these the best we have out there?

Foremost, experts we spoke out voiced one unanimous opinion with regard to an engineering college that could be considered as the best in the business. This is:

IIT Kharagpur – still the Numero-Uno?

Ajay even quoted a recent list of rankings released by the Indian government’s Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry. As per this also, IIT Kharagpur was the highly rated engineering institutes from amongst the ones present in India.

IIT Kharagpur
IIT Kharagpur still finds top preference from amongst engineers and industry alike

In fact, a lot of current engineering students also voted IIT Kharagpur as being their most-preferred institute for engineering studies.

“It is unfortunate that we could not make it to IIT Kharagpur,” was the general sentiment amongst engineering students and fresh engineers (numbering 10) in South India.

IIT Kharagpur

Established in 1951 by the government of India, IIT Kharagpur has 19 departments, and 8 research centres; to offer as many as 60 engineering courses along with design, humanities, law, and science streams. IIT Kharagpur also gets brownie points for being the moist-preferred with respect to post-graduation programs.

Its International Relations office also got thumbs-up from our experts.

Location: 120 kms from Kolkata, in West Bengal state.

Joining essentials: A valid score in the All India engineering entrance examinations conducted by the government of India.


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