Sunday, January 29, 2023

Lead Electronics Engineer At Ametek

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Ametek

Position Summary

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As a key member of a multi-discipline team this a great opportunity to experience product development from concept though to production, pooling on a wealth of knowledge anbest practice with a world class metrology company.

Main Duties/Responsibilities

Reporting to the Project Leader, this person is responsible & accountable for:

  • Deriving the required electronics architecture, performance specification for the overall system from the product functional requirements.
  • Following the NPD process to prove out concepts, technology demonstrators thro’ to preproduction & production units including Quality assurance through automated testing.
  • Generate the necessary supporting documentation to introduce the product into manufacturing.
  • Day to day management of a team comprising a senior (embedded systems) electronics engineer and 2 Mechanical engineers to meet product objectives.
  • To lead in Electronics/systems project design reviews.
  • Contribute to overall program planning & execution.
  • Assist Project leader for risk management.

Required Essential Skills

  • Proven track record with hands on product design -embedded systems, modules, and full product architecture.
  • Sound knowledge of motor drives and controls.
  • Experience of taking transducer signals from conditioning through embedded processing through to graphical display.
  • Demonstrable, thorough, analytical skills reinforced with practical problem-solving abilities.
  • Experienced in pre-compliance design & testing (EMI, ESD, etc.).
  • Experienced in DfX (Design for Reliability, Serviceability & Manufacturability).
  • Proven track record for prototyping & transfer to production.

Proficient in the use of the following tools

  • Familiar with PCB layout software packages, etc.
  • MS Office or similar
  • Some experience of managing multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Skillsets picked in the precision engineering, machine tool or automation industry.
  • Supplier engagement for prototyping / manufacturing.
  • Some applied experience with math package e.g MATLAB, Mathematica etc.
  • C Programming.

Required Personal Attributes

  • A natural interest in technology.
  • Track record of taking the initiative and pragmatic decision making.
  • Confidence and intelligence, with the ability to mentor more junior engineers, oversee contractors and external suppliers.
  • Flexible approach to tasks provided and the ability to investigate problems with an open and enquiring mind.
  • Understands why technology people get out of bed in the morning to come to work !


  • Good Degree Level education in Electronic/Mechatronic Engineering or equivalent with at least 3 years’ experience in senior design engineer* role from concept through and end to end product lifecycle or a large proportion thereof.
  • Sound knowledge with proven track record of manufacturing engineering, test methods, processes, and quality systems.
  • Instrumentation/motion control engineering role desirable but not essential

Future Development Opportunities

Coachable with potential to Technical Manager or Senior Architect Lead within <3 years



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