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JOB: Lead Electronics Engineer – Industrial IOT At Siemens In Bengaluru

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Siemens

You’ll Break New Ground By

  • Responsible for the design and development of electronic products till the handover of the design into production covering several stages of development cycle.
  • Analyze technical requirements of projects and be a “hands on technologist”, i.e., translate system level specifications into working circuits and prototypes.
  • Responsible for all levels of interaction with customers, project management and time-line adherence.

You’re Excited to Build on Your Existing Expertise

  • With a Bachelor’s/master’s degree in electronics or related discipline with 3-20 years of relevant experience in complex electronics design
  • Should be passionate about electronics and have a strong proactive drive to provide solutions.
  • Should have an entrepreneurial drive to make things work and take end to end responsibilities.
  • Should be unassuming and attack problems from fundamentals putting extra effort where needed.
  • Should be able to execute multiple roles (design, handling customers, managing projects etc.…)
  • Strong experience in analog and digital circuit design, making design decisions, debugging.
  • Should have very good understanding of all common electronic elements –
  • For example, data converters, bus protocols, signal conditioning, operational amplifier, Power-supply topologies etc.
  • Strong understanding of electronic circuit design concepts using discrete electronic components – For example, BJTs, FETs, Diodes (Schottky, Zener…) etc.….
  • Strong competence in simulation of circuits with tools like LTSpice
  • Good experience in taking a concept from design to production through all stages.
  • Should be able to provide solutions considering a holistic system design that includes software, PCB, mechanical, thermal, manufacturability.
  • Proficiency in microprocessor/controller architectures and some coding experience is preferable.
  • Should have experience in leading small project groups (3-7 people)
  • Strong understanding of design for electromagnetic compatibility
  • Exposure to ISO61508 / ISO 26262 and electronic design concepts (de-rating, up-rating) is a plus
  • Experience in designing battery operated systems, understanding of Energy Harvesting circuits, protocols like BLE/WiFi/NBIoT etc. would be wonderful.

You can Expect

This job opening involves working on challenging electronic design activities across a variety of domains relevant to Siemens business interests. You will work in a technology focused, domain agnostic environment. You will have to adapt quickly to new domains and solve design challenges associated with them.


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