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Detailed reviews and guides on how to go about buying various equipment, tools, software and the like!

Piklab: An IDE for PIC Microcontroller

Piklab is an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for applications devised on Microchip PIC and digital signal processor IC (dsPIC) microcontroller (MCU) that can be compiled only with Qt on...

Touch-Screen, Wireless and Detachable Displays Make Modern Multimeters Exciting

From general-purpose to high-end measurements, multimeters are widely-used tools. Today, there is an extensive variety of multimeters in the market, including ones with wireless capabilities and touch-screen interfaces to make measurements...

Wiring: Open Source Platform For Microcontrollers

Hernando Barragán is not a name that you would recall easily. But you might recognise something that he helped create. While working on his Master’s thesis project, in 2004, Barragán created...

Graphical Network Simulator that can Run on a Raspberry Pi

Here is a cool tool for learning and testing in a simulated environment. Use this open source and free tool to design and test your own network with various network hardware...
AggreGate SCADA

AggreGate SCADA: An Open Source IoT platform

In this era of the Internet of Things (IoT), an open source data acquisition and high-level supervisory management SCADA system packaged with IoT is a win-win solution for designers. AggreGate SCADA...
Buyer's guide Air Conditioner

Beat the Heat with Air Conditioning Solutions

In India, we have hot days and then we have, even hotter days. According to news, every year the heat crosses the past ten years’ record. Bengaluru went all guns blazing...

zamiaCAD: An Open Source Platform for Advanced Hardware Design

Computer-aided design (CAD) software basically makes use of a computer to assist in the creation, optimisation, analysis or modification of a design. From increasing the productivity level of the designer to...
RPM measurement

RPM Measurement: Sensors and Techniques

Low-cost, high-value sensor options are available for revolutions-per-minute (RPM) measurement applications. Most of these sensors provide simple, reliable and inexpensive transducers for highly sophisticated control systems. Take a look at different...
raspberry pi

What Is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry pi is a series of single board computers developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation for basic computer science in schools for developing countries. Originally intended for teaching computer science in...

Electronics Toolkits including Smart Tweezers

There are several manufacturers around the globe producing high-quality electronics toolkits including all sorts of tools that you would ever need in your electronics career. There are also some suppliers who...

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