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Our collection of some of the most interesting and innovative projects from all over India. Get inspired!

Robotic Inspection To Fight Waste-Water Crisis

Only twenty per cent of the water supplied in urban areas is used for drinking and cooking, the rest is used for bathing, washing, toilets, sinks, etc. Seventy to eighty percent...

Notebook + Tablet = MyTi.ONE

When the tablet first arrived, it was seen as a device having the potential to replace paperbooks in classrooms. It promised a future of education where students would use their tablets...

How To Take Forward India’s Ability To Develop Cutting-Edge Drones

The implementation of AI coupled with hi-tech sensors offers massive potential for drones to become autonomous in the near future. Besides their implementation, the equipment and software that go into the...
CloudPill with multiple pouches

CloudPill: Cloud-based IoT Monitoring of Pillbox Usage

An intelligent medication adherence solution (CloudPill) using an intelligent pillbox with pill detection capability and wireless connectivity to a cloud infrastructure
The Gill Sense gateway

Gill Sense: Pocket-Sized Device to Turn Utilities Smart

Depleting natural resources like fuel and water has raised much caution. As immediate remedial actions, innovators are leveraging on technology to come up with solutions to reduce resource wastage. Bengaluru-based Gill...

High-Speed Magnetic RAM Developed By IIT-Mandi Engineers

The innovation is capable of high-data storage and faster computation as compared to the existng DRAM and SRAM technologies. In a piece of exciting news for techies in India and around the...

A One-Stop Shop for the Custom-Made LTE Stack

In today’s world, no one wants to be stuck at one place while using Internet-connected devices or carry around bulky wires along with the equipment they use. Wireless technology is ruling...

New Experimentally Validated Device Models Can Improve Circuit Performance

Researchers from the IITB and Imec developed a mathematical model to capture manufacturing variations in the device and validated it experimentally. Today’s electronic devices consist of millions of transistors on a single...
JLSR Wellness

Indigenous Smart Oxygen Generator

JLSR Wellness, a startup in the healthcare and wellness space, has launched a first-of-its-kind Wi-Fi enabled smart oxygen generator with an aim to bring a practical solution to the nation’s dire...
Mopure Touchless water dispenser

Touchless Drinking Water Dispenser Made in India

MoPure from Realment Labs is a touchless water dispenser that helps to reduce the spread of infections through taps in common establishments by dispensing drinking water when the user just places...

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