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Our collection of some of the most interesting and innovative projects from all over India. Get inspired!

IoT in Healthcare

Can IoT Solve The Shortage of Indian Doctors?

With Internet of Things, also known as IoT, making sharp penetrations into the Indian scheme of things, various newer opportunities are being created across diverse sectors. One such sector is Indian...

A Truly Modular Robotic Kit

Remember your childhood, when a bucket of Lego bricks was like having infiniteammo for your imagination? Growing up doesn’t mean you have to give up those moments. In fact, you can...
Issues Plaguing Smart Cities: How IoT Can Help Turn These Into ‘Purely’ Smarter Ones

Smart Vehicles: A Green and Safer Future

Imagine a smart and safer car that senses and interacts directly with other vehicles and with the environment to improve occupant safety and convenience. The proliferation and evolution of active safety...

Innovation From Workplace to Garden

Store up to 2TB in a flash drive The world was surprised when thumb drives came with capacities greater than a gigabyte. What would you say now that Kingston has come out...
Handson mode in HBand

HBand – Where Your Hand Becomes the Phone

Next time you see someone talking with their hand on the ear with no phone but just a watch on the wrist, don’t be bewildered, they must be using the HBand....

HHV Develops PECVD System For Thin Film Deposition

JUNE 2012: Bengaluru-based Hind High Vacuum Co. Pvt Ltd (HHV) has recently developed a cluster-type, multi-chamber plasma–enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) system for the first time in the country, which can...

Innovation Is Also About Improving Everyday Objects

No scratches from this foldable power plug What do you do when a power plug’s pins scratch your laptop or desk? A lot of us might have just mumbled about it, but...
Mopure Touchless water dispenser

Touchless Drinking Water Dispenser Made in India

MoPure from Realment Labs is a touchless water dispenser that helps to reduce the spread of infections through taps in common establishments by dispensing drinking water when the user just places...

Real-Time Cardiac Monitor: The Size Of A Band Aid

Medical electronics need to be designed in a manner that these not only provide accurate health data but are also easy to use. This enables quick and efficient diagnosis of ailments....

Technology To Aid Disabled

DECEMBER 2010: Arpit is a child suffering from cerebral palsy—a condition that restricts him from physical (motor) activities that are quite normal to human beings. He also finds it hard to...

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